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Internal Combustion

Faithful followers of Internal Combustion (greetings to both of you!) will notice that I've deleted a couple of previous entries and have placed them elsewhere on the ashleyholt.com site.  My intentions, ever so fragile little things, were to avoid producing a "blog" in the traditional sense and upload these darling, illustrated, autobiographical musings.  Such a task, as it turns out, would invalidate my vow of laziness, a promise I made to myself as a wee lad to entertain big ideas while remaining largely immobile.  In other words, drawin' them pitchers takes too long.

So, henceforth, any such autobiographix will appear in some other form, and this...(ugh) "blog" will house much duller, everyday musings.  You know, things I hate about fashion trends, links to Youtube videos of cats playing pianos, my thoughts on airport security...same crap you're reading everywhere else.

On the plus side, you'll see updates on my various artistic efforts, such as this sneak preview of my latest caricature:

You kids probably don't remember when telephones sat on tables instead of vibrating near your crotch, but they looked somewhat like this.  And that's just part of the exciting history lesson that awaits!  You're welcome!!



Posted by thrdgll at 9:42 PM EST

12/02/2008 - 7:17 PM EST

Name: "Amy"
Home Page: http://beanyland.typepad.com

God, but don't you hate the word "blog"? I can't stand it. I always cringe when I have to say the hated phrase "my blog". Bleah. 

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